Receivables Management Association International holds elections each year to approve a slate of officers, elect new Directors to open seats, and, if necessary, approve proposed amendments to RMAI Bylaws. In 2021, there are four open Director seats, one of which is designated for candidates from a Certified collection agency or law firm.


Mike Colby (incumbent)
Second Round, LP

A long-time receivables management industry executive with experience holding positions with banks, financing companies, and debt buyers over his career spanning more than 35 years. Mike has represented debt buyers in their business development efforts assisting with the acquisition of more than $40 Billion in receivables throughout his career. As an experienced acquisition and operations executive, Mike has held roles including deal sourcing, due diligence, contract negotiation, and portfolios sales. He has also held positions in collections operations with a focus on performance management, compliance and technology deployment. Mike Colby is also an active member of the Receivables Management Association International Legislative Fundraising Committee and Membership Committee. Previously serving the association on the Business Development Committee and the certifications programs Administration and Budget Committee.

For most of my life I have been in the receivables management industry. I have invested thirty plus years in this industry and I believe I can help ensure the longevity of our business. Simply put, I want to use my experience, knowledge and passion to help secure the future for our members.

Throughout my career, I have held executive roles in this industry with a focus on acquisitions giving me extensive transactional experience and historical knowledge. I believe I can use this experience and my vast network of industry contacts to be an asset to the RMAI Board of Directors.

Since its founding, I have been a strong supporter of DBA International and now of the Receivables Management Association International. I have had the privilege of participating in most of the annual conferences and executive summits, to closely observe how our industry has continually changed through the years.

I care about the future of our industry and truly believe that RMAI is our best hope for protecting our industry. I have offered myself as a candidate for a Board of Directors position because my efforts will add value and have a positive impact on the future of our industry. Being on the Board the last two years has given me the insight and perspective to assist our membership through the uncertain environment that we are all facing.

Brett Soldevila (incumbent)
Security Credit Services, LLC

Brett Soldevila serves as the Chief Compliance Officer for Security Credit Services, LLC, a receivables management company for consumer and commercial defaulted receivables. His responsibilities include ensuring the Company complies with regulatory requirements, implementing policies and procedures, managing internal and external audits, and overseeing investor related functions. Prior to joining Security Credit Services, Brett served in the internal audit department of a global consumer and commercial services company, and in the audit & enterprise risk services department of a professional services firm. Brett is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Receivables Compliance Professional. Brett was elected to the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) Board of Directors in 2017; and re-elected in 2019. He previously served as the Chair of the RMAI Certification Council and has also served as Chair for the Council’s Standards Committee.

I am running for the RMAI Board of Directors and am asking you for your support and your vote. I believe I would be a good candidate to represent you and our Industry for some of the reasons listed below:

RMAI and Industry experience – I’ve been actively involved with the RMAI for many years and understand the level of work and commitment it takes to get things done on your behalf. In part, I currently serve as a Director for the RMAI Board; and have served as Chair of the RMAI Council’s Standards Committee and Chair of the RMAI Certification Council. I’ve advocated on critical industry topics at venues such as the RMAI conference, American Fair Credit Council conference, Debt Collection Forum, NTLA Conference, Federal Trade Commission symposium, and other Industry trade events. I’ve also presented for various webinars and written articles for the RMAI magazine. I am a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Receivables Compliance Professional. My professional background and credentials provide a sound basis for creating and reviewing fair and reasonable standards for our Industry.

Lobbying efforts in Washington, DC and on the “Home Front”– I’ve met face to face with key representatives of the CFPB, FTC, OCC, and other consumer advocate groups in Washington to promote recognition of the RMAI and debt collection industry participants. Throughout the years, I’ve met and facilitated many audits with both the largest of Sellers as well as smaller Regional Sellers of a wide variety of asset classes. I have insight into what sellers, of all types and sizes, are requiring and how to synchronize their needs within my company which has allowed my company to be boarded with these sellers. I believe having many different sizes and structures of Debt Purchasing companies lends to a strong and robust economy. I would advocate for this if re-elected to the Board.

Future of the Industry – Our careers rest on initiatives that need to be addressed immediately. I’ve gained invaluable insight through my experience aforementioned. I am passionate about hearing your concerns and continuing to work with regulators so that we may not just survive but thrive as an industry.

Thank you for your consideration.

Collection Agency/Law Firm Seat

Kelly Knepper-Stephens (incumbent)

Kelly Knepper-Stephens is Vice President of Legal and Compliance for TrueAccord. Her work focuses on government regulation, compliance, and civil litigation. Kelly serves on the Board of Directors for the Receivables Management Association International and is an ACA Certified Instructor. She also served as a SER for the Arbitration and Debt Collection Rulemakings. Her podcast Two DEBTicated Attorneys can be found on podbean. Collection Advisor Magazine named Kelly one of the 20 Most Powerful Women in Collections in 2018.

My name is Kelly Knepper-Stephens and I am a candidate for the RMAI Board of Directors certified collection agency seat. I am the Vice President of Legal and Compliance for TrueAccord Corp. a third party debt collection company leveraging machine learning. I have the privilege of working with several RMAI member companies, both as your debt collector and through our mutual participation in the RMAI. I received my RMAI Certification in March of 2015, and in late 2018 upon joining TrueAccord helped the company obtain Certification.

Over the past several years, I have been serving on the Board as the certified collection agency member. I currently chair the Education Committee, Editorial Committee and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force. I have also served on the State and Federal Legislative, Audit, Amicus Committees and Fundraising Committee. With the support of RMAI staff and fellow Board Members, I have helped raise over $60,000 dollars for the RMAI Legislative Fund through the silent auction that we started four years ago. I have been privileged to present at both the Annual Convention and Executive Summit on Ethics as the Cornerstone of a Compliance Management System—a required course for certification. I am extremely passionate about teaching state and federal legislators and our government regulators that our industry is fundamental to the success of the US economy.

The new debt collection rule taking effect under a new administration presents the RMAI board with a new, critical opportunity to advance our interests, especially as the global economy recovers from the COVID19 pandemic. The continued effort to educate federal and state legislators and regulators about the industry, the ability to collect on valid accounts using modern technology consumers prefer, and expanding the business opportunities of RMAI members, both domestically and abroad are some of the key agenda items that the RMAI Board must continue to pursue.

Through my dedication, advocacy, and participation, I have shown that I am not only committed to the continued development of the credit and collection industry but also to the interests of RMAI’s membership. I pledge that if reelected to your Board of Directors in the 2021 election that I will strive to represent the interest of RMAI membership in the improvement of our industry. I ask that you give me that opportunity.

New Candidates

Amber C. Russo
Kino Financial Co., LLC.

Amber Russo is President of Kino Financial Co., LLC., a regional debt buyer based in Arizona. She is responsible for overseeing all facets of the portfolio acquisition process, agency and legal network management, and business operations. Amber has dedicated over fifteen years to the receivables management industry as an advocate for state and regional debt buyers. Amber’s career has taken her from Director of Operations for mid-sized collection law firms, COO of a well-established receivables acquisition company, a role where she was responsible for developing and managing a national legal network, to her current partnership in Kino Financial Co., LLC. Amber has participated in the procurement and management of more than 150 portfolio purchases. Over the past few years, Amber has worked with the RMAI organization as a committee member on various committees including State Legislative and Editorial, and as an advocate for RMAI’s legislative fundraising efforts.

I have dedicated over fifteen years to the receivables management industry as an advocate for state and regional debt buyers. Throughout my career I have been blessed with great mentors, colleagues, and friends, and now I want to give back to the industry that has afforded me so many incredible opportunities.

Over the past few years, I have worked diligently on various committees including State Legislative and Editorial, and as an advocate for RMAI’s legislative fundraising efforts including co-chairing the silent auctions. These efforts have helped me to develop deep bonds with the membership and an admiration for the Association’s work protecting our industry.

My career started as a Collection Manager, working my way toward being the Director of Operations for mid-sized collection law firms based in the Southwest. While serving in this role I forged long lasting relationships with originators, debt buyers, my peers in the industry, and with our vendor partners. After transitioning to the role of COO with a well-established receivables acquisition company, I participated in the procurement and management of more than 150 portfolio purchases. Now, as a principal and President of Kino Financial Co., LLC., a regional debt buyer based in Arizona, I oversee all facets of the portfolio acquisition process, agency and legal network management, and business operations.

I believe my hard work and my perspective as a smaller regional debt buyer can be an asset to the Association. I hope to utilize my experience and industry contacts to benefit the RMAI membership as a member of the Board of Directors and I look forward to continued participation with the RMAI organization.

Brian K. Williams
Crown Asset Management, LLC

Brian K. Williams is the founder and CEO of Crown Asset Management, LLC (“CAM”), an Atlanta based specialty finance company focused on the acquisition, management, and recovery of distressed retail assets. Since CAM’s founding in 2004, Mr. Williams has successfully grown the business from a small five-person operation, deploying a few hundred thousand dollars per annum, to deploying substantial capital into more than 500 portfolios, totaling more than $10 billion of face value. His primary duties include overseeing the capital raising efforts for the company, having raised more than $500 million to support the purchase of receivables portfolios, strategic planning, and management of the overall business operations. During CAM’s formative years, he was largely responsible for establishing, managing, and cultivating client and vendor relationships. As an advocate for CAM and the ARM industry, Mr. Williams has been a representative by sitting on multiple industry and legislative committees, including serving as the Georgia Co-Chairman for the RMAI State Legislative Committee, all the while cultivating strong local and state legislator as well as regulatory relationships along the way. Most recently, he has worked directly with both 2020 GA Republican Senate Campaigns to establish a donation conduit for all RMAI members to support these critical legislative elections.

Mr. Williams earned his BS in Finance from Florida State University (“FSU”) in 1997. He later spent six years (2011 – 2017) as a member of the Seminole Boosters Inc. National Board of Directors and remains highly involved at the university. He currently serves on the FSU College of Business Board of Governors and the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, which is part of the College of Business school of entrepreneurship.

Before founding CAM, he began his financial career in 1997 by obtaining his National Association of Securities Dealers licenses and becoming a Registered Representative with Merrill Lynch. He later left Merrill Lynch and began working for First Union National Bank/First Union Securities in Atlanta. At First Union, he continued to expand his focus in financial services to include investment advisory, consumer, commercial lending and many other banking and investment services. For nearly four years during the early 2000’s, Mr. Williams served as a consultant to another ARM company, where he advised on various strategic financial and operational issues.

As a “reformed banker” and debt purchaser for the past two decades, I believe strongly that the ARM industry, and specifically the continued existence of a robust marketplace where originating creditors have an outlet to recover a portion of their losses through debt sales, remains a critical facet of our credit ecosystem. Without this functioning debt sale marketplace, consumers and small businesses would find themselves with fewer options of available credit at reasonable interest rates. I believe my experience building and running CAM through multiple economic cycles provides a unique perspective and ability to assist RMAI, and its membership, through the post pandemic cycle. The ARM Industry, and specifically the RMAI, have been such a big part of my life over the past two decades. The association and its membership have provided me countless memories, business relationships, and friendships, and I would like the opportunity to give back to RMAI all it has given to me by representing this membership as a member of the RMAI Board of Directors.