Investment Retrievers believes in giving back to the community. That’s why we joined with Twin Lakes Food Bank on 10/19/2017 in Folsom to help garden at a local church. Twin Lakes Food Bank provides food and support for those in need, growing some of the foods they distribute.

We gathered up our staff, rolled up our sleeves, and set out to get to work in the gardens with other Twin Lake volunteers. Every day, 1 in 6 people in America deal with starvation. Food insecurity is a problem for a lot of people in our country and it’s up to everyone to play a part in the solution. Twin Lakes Food Bank is creating a sustainable food source through their garden, we think ongoing solutions like this are a great way to affect change in the community.

“Every year we make sure to take a step out of the office, and into our community to help,” says James Kiley, Chief Executive Officer. “And this year we decided that Twin Lakes Food Bank was a great place to put our efforts. We are so proud of our team for taking the time to help with this project.”

Twin Lake Food Bank hosts 7 events every year, each one focused on bringing delicious and nutritious food to the tables of those less fortunate, while also running a fully stocked food bank. In addition, they manage a garden with 48 raised beds and fruit trees, and even a “Pantry on Wheels” that helps deliver food to those who do not have the means to travel to the food bank.

Everyone faces challenges, and it is with the help of organizations like Twin Lakes Foodbank, and the volunteers from the community that brings a community together help. Investment Retrievers enjoyed our time lending a hand in the gardens to help our community.

If you are interested in helping Twin Lakes Food Bank, you can visit their website, donations are always welcome.