Article by Gia Harrison

July 16, 2020: Long before I joined the Vertican Technologies, Isaac Goldman, the CEO, had an idea of how to give back on behalf of the company. In 2019, I pushed the project forward and created Vertican Gives.

How It Began

My first introduction to Vertican’s giving spirit was a Habitat for Humanity build in Paterson, NJ. While everyone was excited to participate, this build wasn’t used as a photo-op or a teambuilding activity, it was straight forward – help the less fortunate.

A few months later, Hurricane Dorian hit. In Vertican’s spirit of giving, I set up a box in the office kitchen and asked everyone to contribute to the hurricane’s relief fund. Our remote employees sent monetary donations, while the box overflowed with everything from toilet papers to diapers.  We raised enough donations to help twice the number of people in the company itself.

What We’re Doing Now

In January 2020, we launched Vertican Gives (VT Gives). VT Gives is our chance as individuals to create awareness and give to the world where it is needed most. This initiative is an opportunity for employees to present charities, often with personal significance and pitch to the entire team at our company meetings. Charities are then voted on by the team and given 1st, 2nd and 3rd place donation prizes. VT Gives is multifaceted; employees boost their public speaking skills, grow closer to each other by sharing a cause that speaks to them, and we enjoy the benefit of giving as both individuals and a part of a team.

In the first quarter, we donated to Gigi’s Playhouse, Kiva and the St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue. As we prepared the presentations for the second quarter, COVID-19 paralyzed the country. Rather than shifting our focus to COVID-19 relief, we enhanced our giving efforts to directly support local charities and continued to give to the employee chosen charities.

We encouraged the team to give wherever and however they could. We received nearly $500 in gift cards from employees who won other company-sponsored competitions and donated to VT Gives. With the Vertican’s match, we were able to donate essential items to local non-profit organizations: Passaic County Pandemic Partnership, Chancellor Avenue School and the Covenant House.

The second quarter, we donated to S.O.F.I.A., Together We Rise and Felines & Canines. The support we received from employees was unbelievable. So, when the tragedy of George Floyd swept the nation, we were ready and eager to support the cause. For the third quarter, our entire donation pool will be given to Black Lives Matter.

My position at Vertican stretches far beyond marketing, being a part of a company that shares the same values of humility and giving are what excites me for work each day. A significant part of my appreciation for the company is our spirit of giving. Not only is it a combined effort, but it is supported by our corporate mission. Now, more than ever, the world needs our compassion and support.