Diamond Donors ($25,000)

PRA Group

Titanium Donors ($15,000)

Cavalry Investments, LLC

Platinum Donors ($10,000)

Credit Control, LLC
Encore Capital Group
Gemini Capital Group, LLC
MSW Capital, LLC
National Loan Exchange
Sherman Financial Group

Gold Donors ($7,500)

Financial Recovery Systems
Unifund CCR LLC

Silver Donors ($5,000)

Garnet Capital Advisors
Javlin Capital, LLC
Mjollnir Group, Inc.

Bronze Donors ($2,500)

Absolute Resolutions Corp.
Cascade Capital
Crown Asset Management
Digital Recognition Network, Inc.
Integras Capital Recovery LLC
JH Capital Group
Maurice Wutscher LLP
PCA Acquisitions V, LLC
Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC
Security Credit Services, LLC
Velocity Portfolio Group

Brass Donors ($1,000)

Atlantic Credit & Finance, INc.
Atlantic Recovery Solutions, LLC
Bankrupt Debt Acquisitions
Barnes Financial Services, LLC
Bloomfield Financial Group LLC
Capital Alliance Financial, LLC
Collins Asset Group
Credit One Bank N.A.
Dalty Acquisitions
Frontline Asset Strategies, LLC
Galaxy Asset Management, LLC
Halsted Financial Services, LLC
Icon Equities, LLC
InvestiNet, LLC
Jan Stieger
Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC
John K. Rossman
Jormandy, LLC
KMT Group, LLC
Law Offices of Andreu & Palma
Machol & Johannes, LLC
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC
Pressler & Pressler LLP
RAzOR Capital LLC
Resurgence Capital, LLC
The Bureaus, Inc.
The Cadle Company
The Law Offices of Ronald S. Canter, LLC
Troy Capital, LLC
United Debt Holding, LLC
U.S. Equities Corp.
VeriFacts, Inc.
Warner Law Firm

Other Donors

Acctorp International, Inc.
Alliant Capital Management, LLC
American Acceptance Company
Aramount Portfolio Services, LLC
Ashton & Weinberg, Inc.
Asset Management Group, LLC
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP
Balbec Capital
Bayview Solutions LLC
Brightwater Capital, LLC
Capital Financial Group, Inc.
Chebat Portfolio Management, LLC
CKS Financial
CMS Services
Comprehensive Legal Solutions, Inc.
Compumail Information Systems
Comtronic Systems, LLC
Converging Capital, LLC
David Reid
DeVille Asset Management Ltd
Diverse Funding Associates
Dynamic Recovery Solutions
Eastpoint Recovery Group
EZ Messenger
First Financial Asset Management, Inc.
Full Circle Financial Services, LLC
G. Reynolds Sims & Associates, P.C.
General Bar Law Directory
Genesis Recovery Services
Global Debt Registry, LLC
Goal Structured Solutions
Gotham Collection Services Corp.
Harvest Strategy Group, INc.
Hinshaw & Culbertson
International Collection Services, LLC
Lannister Law Corporation
Law Offices of Steven Cohen, LLC
Maryland Portfolios, Inc.
Midwest Credits, Inc.
Miller and Steeno, P.C.
Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn, LLP
N & S Partners
National Debt Holdings LLC
National Enterprise Systems, Inc.
National Recovery Solutions, LLC
Nationwide Debt Management Solutions
Nelson & Kennard
New Century Financial Services, Inc.
North American Recovery
Northland Group, Inc.
PCI Group, Inc.
Peppertree Capital, Inc.
Poser Investments, Inc.
Quantum3 Group, LLC
Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson & Hornik, LLC
Real Time Resolutions, Inc.
Recovera, INc. dba SAR & Associates
Recovery Management Systems Corp.
Resource Management Services, INc.
Rozlin Financial Group, INc.
RSK Financial Group, LLC
Sandia Resolution Company, LLC
Simmonds & Narita LLP
SMS Financial, LLC
Square Two Financial
Stoneleigh Recovery Associates
Superlative RM
Swan Law Firm, PLLC
Talisman Partners, LLC
The Debt Marketplace, Inc.
U.S. Equities Corp.
Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.
West Bay Recovery, Inc.