Companies whose names are in bold have contributed for 5 consecutive years (as of December 27, 2019)

Diamond Donor ($25,000)

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC
Financial Recovery Services, Inc.
Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
Resurgent Holdings, LLC

Titanium Donor ($15,000)

Platinum Donor ($10,000)

Crown Asset Management, LLC
Encore Capital Group, Inc.
Unifund CCR LLC
Velocity Portfolio Group

Gold Donor ($7,500)

Second Round, LP

Silver Donors ($5,000)

Digital Recognition Network
Garnet Capital Advisors, LLC
Plaza Services

Bronze Donor ($2,500)

Absolute Resolutions Corp.
Glass Mountain Capital, LLC
G. Reynolds Sims & Associates, P.C.
International Debt Buying Consultants, LLC
Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC
National Loan Exchange, Inc./NLEX
Quall Cardot, LLP
RAzOR Capital
Security Credit Services, LLC
The Bureaus, Inc.
Winn Law Group, APC

Brass Donors ($1,000)

Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solis, PLLC
Balbec Capital
C & E Acquisition Group, LLC
Central Portfolio Control, Inc.
Geist Holding, Inc.
Indiana Receivables, Inc.
Investment Retrievers, Inc.
Jormandy, LLC
Kino Financial Co., LLC
Ontario Systems, LLC
Peroutka, Miller, Klima & Peters, P.A.
Resurgent Capital Services
Stenger & Stenger P.C.
The Cadle Company
The Law Offices of Ronald S. Canter, LLC
Tobin & Marohn
VeriFacts, Inc.
Vertican Technologies, Inc.

Other Donors

Accelerated Data Systems
Acctcorp International, Inc.
AGORA Data, Inc.
Aldridge Pite Haan, LLP
Alliance Credit Services, Inc.
Arko Consulting LLC
Attunely, Inc.
Autovest, LLC
Butler & Associates, P.A.
Capio Partners, LLC
Capital Solutions Bancorp, LC
CBE Group, Inc.
Clear Payment Solutions
CMS Services
Comtronic Systems, LLC
Conquest Receivables
Converging Capital, LLC.
Convoke, Inc.
Credit Control, LLC
Credit Management Corporation
D & A Services, LLC
David Reid
Delev & Associates, LLC
Delta Outsource Group, Inc.
DFS & Associates, Ltd.
Diverse Funding Associates
Dynamic Recovery Solutions
Federal Pacific Credit Company, LLC
FLOCK Specialty Finance
FMS, Inc.
Fort Crook Financial Co.
Full Circle Financial Services, LLC
Genesis Recovery Services
Halsted Financial Services, LLC
Harvest Strategy Group, Inc.
Hinshaw & Culbertson
Hunt & Henriques
Jan Stieger
Kirschenbaum & Phillips, P.C.
Law Office of James R. Vaughan, P.C.
Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra, P.L.
Law Offices of Steven Cohen, LLC
Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery, Inc.
Maurice Wutscher LLP
Metronome Financial, LLC
Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC
Monarch Recovery Management, Inc.
Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn, LLP
National Recovery Associates, Inc.
National Recovery Solutions, LLC
NCB Management Services, Inc.
PCI Group Inc.
Pharus Funding, LLC
POM Recoveries, Inc.
Poser Investments, Inc.
Resource Management Services, Inc.
RIP Medical Debt
Rocky Mountain Capital Management, LLC
Sandia Resolution Company, LLC
Simmonds & Narita LLP
Solutions by Text
Tag Process Service, Inc.
Terrill Outsourcing Group, LLC
Troutman Sanders LLP
Troy Capital, LLC
Universal Fidelity, LP
Vargo & Janson, P.C.
Venable, LLC
Viking Client Services, Inc.