Company Information

Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica is the newest venture from Lighthouse Consulting and Phillip W. Duff. Designed to make it simple for his collection agency and debt buyer clients to open their own collection floor in Montego Bay, Jamaica and take advantage of the International labor rates. Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica provides turnkey operations that agencies and debt buyers can use to reduce labor costs and increase production. By providing everything the agency will need for just $10 hourly per staff member Lighthouse has created the perfect labor solution. Included in the $10 hourly rate is computers, internet, security, firewalls, smart TV’s, Cameras and even the bill collectors themselves.

It is not an outsource this is your office working under your supervision and on your platforms. It just like you opened an office in Atlanta or Dallas just cheaper and much better weather. Because its your office you can tell your clients you opened an office nearshore with no concern that they think you placed their accounts with an outsourcer.

Attend our booth or come to our Open House in Montego Bay on February 24-26 and see it for yourself.