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“The fact that RMAI comprises debt buyers, brokers, sellers, vendors, agencies, lawfirms, and service providers really makes for a comprehensive, productive marketplace.”
Todd Lansky, CRCP, CPRP
Resurgence Capital, LLC

“Networking opportunities have allowed me to expand my business and, more importantly, develop bonds that transcend a mere business relationship."
- Steven Cohen, CRCP
Law Offices of Steven Cohen

“Membership in RMAI allows us to actively participate with lawmakers around the country to get our points of view heard."
- Marian Sangalang, CPRC
The Bureaus, Inc.

“It is imperative that we join an organization that advocates for the companies in this industry to do business in a compliant manner. I want to be a part of an organization that keeps a pulse on all regulatory matters, holds us to the highest compliance standards, and puts our donations to work in a legislative advocacy fund. You should want to be part of that organization too."
- Jeremiah Wheeler, CRCP
Digital Recognition Network