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RMAI members have access to opportunities and resources for receivables management professionals.


We offer a variety of memberships to customize the experience for different types of receivables companies.


Grow your professional network, learn and stay up to date with the receivables marketplace.

Setting the Global Standard

RMAI represents the receivables management industry and provides networking, education and business development opportunities. RMAI maintains a highly effective state and federal advocacy program. The RMAI Receivables Management Certification Program and Code of Ethics promote uniform industry standards and best practices that exceed those required by law.

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Member Benefits

Training & Education

Education & Training

Enjoy complimentary and discounted registration for live classes, live and recorded webinars, and other information for receivables professionals.

Training & Education

Events & Networking

Make valuable connections through exclusive
networking opportunities, Annual Conferences and other events for members.

Training & Education

Alerts & News

Stay up to date as the trends, rules and regulations around the industry evolve. Member Alerts, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, magazine articles and more.


Grassroots Advocacy

Participate in state and federal advocacy efforts on behalf of the industry. Influence public policies that promote consumer protection and sound business practices.

Networking & Relationship Development

RMAI represents benefits and opportunities like no other professional group. RMAI opens doors. Members are friendly and quick to introduce each other to help everyone’s network grow. There is a strong member-to-member commitment to helping each other develop and grow professionally. This is true while attending RMAI events, serving on RMAI committees and interacting outside the organization where RMAI members look out for and help each other. We use the readily accessible Member Directory for reaching out to each other and building our networks.


Each year RMAI holds an Annual Conference and an Executive Summit which are great social networking opportunities and a lot of fun, but the educational opportunities should not be understated. For attorneys, these RMAI events will likely satisfy state bar CLE requirements. For others, these events satisfy many of the education requirements to earn and renew certification. Complimentary webinars (free to RMAI members and their employees) further supplement what we need to know to stay informed and compliant. Regional events supplement what RMAI has to offer. When we gather with other RMAI members, we will leave refreshed, informed, current, and with new and renewed contacts and new opportunities.

Certification Program

As the leader in the receivables management industry, RMAI offers the Receivables Management Certification Program. Those who become certified as professionals and businesses demonstrate their commitment to excellence and compliance. In short, certification opens doors. The program promotes compliance and attracts those in the industry seeking quality partners who want to grow. For example, clients interested in onboarding a certified law firm or collection agency know right off the bat that the firm has what it takes to meet the latest compliance requirements.


RMAI conducts robust advocacy efforts on the legislative and regulatory fronts. RMAI is very active with boots on the ground in the at the federal level and state legislatures and the halls of government where decisions are made that affect our livelihood. Not only does RMAI keep us informed and use our voice when needed, but RMAI is not afraid to enter the debate to make our voices heard and listened to. We have the peace of mind knowing that RMAI is looking out for our interests and partnering with a team of advocates, lobbyists and in-house counsel doing their best to protect what is vital to us.

Sense of Community

RMAI keeps us informed, advocates for us, and looks out for our interests. Members reach out to other members and are genuinely interested in each other’s progress and well-being. Members who participate in committees get together for Zoom meetings on a regular basis. All members can network with each other online and at various in-person events throughout the year. Through the Member Directory search, members can find other members by name, location and business type to form and build connections. We get a ton of value out of our membership by really communicating with the industry.

Member News

Submit Member News

Email news and press releases to our Communications and Administrative Coordinator Aurora Sain at

Frequently Asked Questions about RMAI Membership

Answers to the most frequent questions we receive about our industry, our organization and the members we represent.

How do I submit news and press releases to RMAI?2023-12-13T12:48:26-08:00

Whether an award, acquisition, new hire, executive change, community involvement, or general announcement, we want to share news from RMAI members! Email news and press releases to our Communications & Administrative Coordinator at

What are the options for advertising with RMAI?2024-03-29T09:41:40-07:00

Showcase your company, product, or service through RMAI’s quality communications. Advertising in RMAI’s media channels—website, social media, eblast, blog, RMAI Insights and RMAI Digital Dispatch annual publications, RMAI Update monthly e-newsletter, or Annual Conference program books—gives you broad access to RMAI members, creating brand awareness and new business opportunities. The best strategy to reach buyers and potential business partners in the receivables management industry is an integrated advertising program that combines the best of print, online, and event communications. RMAI offers complimentary advertising proposals; just let us know your budget and goals. For more information, click here.

Why Become a Member of RMAI?2023-05-09T08:39:24-07:00

Why join? Here’s what current members have to say:

“The fact that RMAI comprises debt buyers, brokers, sellers, vendors, agencies, law firms, and service providers really makes for a comprehensive, productive marketplace.”

Todd Lansky, CRCP, Resurgence Capital, LLC

“Networking opportunities have allowed me to expand my business and, more importantly, develop bonds that transcend a mere business relationship.”

– Steven Cohen, CRCP, Law Offices of Steven Cohen

“Membership in RMAI allows us to actively participate with lawmakers around the country to get our points of view heard.”

– Marian Sangalang, CRCP, The Bureaus, Inc.

“It is imperative that we join an organization that advocates for the companies in this industry to do business in a compliant manner. I want to be a part of an organization that keeps a pulse on all regulatory matters, holds us to the highest compliance standards, and puts our donations to work in a legislative advocacy fund. You should want to be part of that organization too.”

– Jeremiah Wheeler, Digital Recognition Network

What are the benefits of RMAI?2023-11-13T13:58:18-08:00
  • Education & Training – enjoy complimentary and discounted registration for in-person conferences, live and recorded educational webinars, and other resources for receivables professionals
  • Events & Networking – make valuable connections through exclusive networking opportunities, Annual Conferences, and other events
  • Member Only Communications – stay up to date as the trends, laws, and regulations around the industry evolve. Member Alerts, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, magazine articles and more
  • Grassroots Advocacy – participate in state and federal advocacy efforts on behalf of the industry. Influence public policies that promote consumer protection and sound business practices
  • Certification – appreciate savings on certification application/renewal fees and annual membership dues
  • Advertising – maximize your advertising budget with discounted advertising rates and member-only advertising options.
How do I apply for RMAI membership?2023-11-13T14:07:32-08:00
  • Complete the online membership application.

    Here are a few things to have ready for the application process:

    • Owner Info (including names, home addresses, DOB, % share) OR if publicly traded, a statement of ownership.
    • Industry References, including names, titles, organizations, and email addresses. Note: Three are required, if one is an RMAI member; otherwise, five are required.
What is the cost of membership?2023-11-13T14:09:14-08:00

Membership with RMAI is by company, includes one primary contact, and runs on a traditional calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Annual dues are $1145. For Certified Receivables Businesses and Certified Receivables Vendors, annual dues are $895.For international debt buyers, annual dues are $475. Prorated dues are available for applications submitted in Q2 (April, May, and June) and Q3 (July, August, and September) and will be billed the full dues amount the following year. Full payment of membership dues and a $275 one-time application fee is due at the time of application and required before application review. Membership dues and application fee are waived for Originating Creditor members.

How do I find out which companies are RMAI members?2023-11-13T14:10:00-08:00

The RMAI Membership Roster is publicly available on the RMAI website.

How do I get contact information for RMAI member companies?2023-11-13T14:10:47-08:00

RMAI members have password protected access to the RMAI Member Directory.

What is Receivables Management Association International (RMAI)?2023-12-13T12:42:27-08:00

Receivables Management Association International is the nonprofit trade association that represents more than 600 companies that support the purchase, sale, and collection of performing and nonperforming receivables on the secondary market. RMAI member companies include debt buyers, collection agencies, law firms, originating creditors and industry-related product and service providers. RMAI provides its members with extensive networking, educational, and business development opportunities in asset classes that span numerous industries. The association publishes spring and fall publications, a monthly online newsletter and Member Alerts, and conducts robust state and federal advocacy efforts in support of RMAI members and their businesses.
Founded in 1997, RMAI is headquartered in Sacramento, California.

What is RMAI’s mission?2023-12-13T12:47:56-08:00