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Support RMAI’s robust state and federal advocacy efforts with your contribution to the RMAI Legislative Fund. We put every dollar contributed to work advocating for RMAI members.

RMAI’s message to legislators around the country stresses that our members support reasonable and balanced reforms but will always oppose those that stifle legitimate business activities. Using this approach RMAI successfully offers amendments consistent with our Receivables Management Certification Program that are generally well-received by elected officials and regulators.

RMAI representatives work diligently to protect and defend the business interests of RMAI members. RMAI continually researches and informs RMAI members of pending and enacted federal and state legal decisions, legislative and regulatory actions.

If you have already contributed, THANK YOU! If you have not made this year’s contribution yet, we encourage you to consider increasing your contribution in 2024. If you have not previously contributed, consider where your business would be without RMAI working hard every day to protect your right to purchase, collect, and/or service legitimate debt.

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