RMAI is managed with the support of the following staff & consultants.


Jan Stieger, CAE, CMP, CRCP
Jan Stieger, CAE, CMP, CRCPExecutive Director
Penny Cunha, CAE, CRCP
Penny Cunha, CAE, CRCPDeputy Director
David E. Reid, JD, CRCP
David E. Reid, JD, CRCPGeneral Counsel
Shannon Parod, CRCP
Shannon Parod, CRCPDirector of Certification & Education
Sylvia Done, CMP
Sylvia Done, CMPEvent & Sales Development Manager
Cheryl Nelson
Cheryl NelsonCommunications Manager
Aurora Sain
Aurora SainCommunications & Administrative Coordinator
Zoila Couture
Zoila CoutureMembership Marketing Coordinator


Daniel F. C. Crowley
Daniel F. C. CrowleyFederal Legislative/Regulatory Counsel, K&L Gates LLP
Meghan Stoppel
Meghan StoppelAttorneys General Consultant, Cozen O'Connor
Don Maurice
Don MauriceLegal Consultant, Maurice Wutscher, LLP