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RMAI publishes and distributes press releases on various RMAI and receivables management industry topics including the RMAI Receivables Management Certification Program, the RMAI Annual Conference, financial literacy, member resources, and more.


Saving Versus Investing

By understanding the tradeoff between saving and investing, you can make a financial plan that works for you now and later. Generally, people use savings for building an emergency fund or a short-term financial goal like a vacation or down payment on a car. [...]


How to Save for an Emergency Fund

Unexpected financial emergencies can happen to anyone, from a random medical bill to car problems and anything in-between. Unplanned expenses seem to come at the worst times, but having a savings in place for when they happen can help. Having an emergency fund is [...]


RMAI Presents FinancialLiteracy.Rocks for Financial Capability Month

March 31, 2023 (Sacramento, CA) – Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) provides a digital consumer resource for financial success: FinancialLiteracy.Rocks (  RMAI is committed to protecting consumers and helping them reach their financial goals, manage debt, and create a stronger economic future for themselves one [...]


RMAI Presents New DEI Guide, Implementing Diversity Equity Inclusion Best Practices

RMAI Diversity Equity Inclusion Program Baseline Recommendations March 20, 2023 (Sacramento, CA) – RMAI introduces a new guide for the accounts receivables management industry, Implementing Diversity Equity Inclusion Best Practices: RMAI Diversity Equity Inclusion Program Baseline Recommendations. This companion guide to the January 2022 Consumer Financial [...]


RMAI Expands National Certification Program to Include Commercial Debt

Launches Certification Version 11.0 March 2, 2023 (Sacramento, CA) – The RMAI Certification Council announces the adoption of version 11.0 of the Receivables Management Certification Program (RMCP) after a lengthy development and review process. Several significant enhancements were added to the program in version 11.0, including: [...]


TransUnion Gives Gold Sponsor Support to the 2023 RMAI Annual Conference

January 25, 2023 (Sacramento, CA) – RMAI announced today that member company TransUnion is sponsoring the 2023 RMAI Annual Conference at the Gold level, the highest sponsorship level available.  This is TransUnion’s fourth year as a sponsor of the RMAI Annual Conference. Held every year [...]

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