RMAI publishes a biannual magazine and monthly newsletter that benefit from the thought leadership of RMAI members. Both the magazine and e-newsletter deliver insight into the key people, enterprises, and trends that drive the debt buying and receivables management industry, providing a perspective critical to businesses operating in the industry’s ever-changing economic and regulatory environment.

Articles should provide useful information that will assist executives in improving their operations. View our Editorial Guidelines.

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Types of Articles and Content We Look For

  1. Application Stories: Descriptions of how best practices have been applied and the results of those applications in terms of costs and services delivered.
  2. Industry Trends and Developments: Articles aimed at helping readers plan for the future.
  3. Tutorial Pieces: Definitions, analysis, advisories, etc., relating to business and IT and their application. These pieces are written by industry or public sector professionals and will be used by our readers to analyze or improve existing conditions.
  4. Profiles: Articles that focus on individuals instrumental in the development and success of the debt buying industry, and that contain authentic angles depicting the person’s struggles and successes.
  5. News: Descriptions of new products, services and/or events.

How We Evaluate Articles

The ideal article would be about new developments, activities and best practices that have yielded exceptional results, savings of time and money, improved service to the public, or have the potential to solve significant problems encountered by businesses in the debt buying industry nationwide. The article would contain interesting quotes by industry insiders, attorneys who practice in the debt buying space, government representatives, and advocates.

When we sit down to evaluate a story or an idea, we ask the following questions:

  • Have we done similar stories recently?
  • How timely or significant is the story?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Does this have the potential for wide applicability throughout the industry?
  • Is there a return on investment?
  • Does it address an item in our editorial calendar?
  • Does it cover material falling under one of our departments?

RMAI is always happy to consider ideas and completed stories that compliment our editorial focus. And you are welcome to contact RMAI about your idea at any time. Email is the preferred method of contact and should include a description of the proposed article, the value to RMAI members, and contact information. Describe your story as completely as possible—sell us your idea!