2020 RMAI Webinars

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What if COVID Comes Back?

July 21, 2020

30 minutes with 30 minutes of Q&A

1/2 Credit

It has been historically proven with every pandemic that after the first wave we will hit a lull in infection, just for it to come back significantly worse than before. Are you prepared for a second round of stay at home orders? What measures are you taking to prepare your office for the return of COVID? Join us on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, to hear Anita Manghisi from Independent Recovery Resources, Inc. and Tom Mohr from Beam Software discuss the important aspects to keep in mind when preparing for another outbreak.

Discussion Topics Include:

*   Finding out if working from home has increased your companies productivity
*   What investments have you made to protect your employees and what resources do you need to add
*   Looking back at how you handled the issues and what you can do better next time around
*   Technology and Equipment necessary for working from home for an extended period

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ICYMI: A Legal Update for Debt Buyers and Debt Collectors You Cannot Afford to Miss

August 12, 2020

1 Hour | 1 Credit

During the past several months, debt buyers have justifiably focused their attention on issues related to COVID-19 preparedness. Managing workplace issues and tracking and complying with various state restrictions imposed on debt collection during the pandemic became a full-time job for many. Yet despite government and court closures, significant regulatory and case law developments have taken place during this same period of which you should be aware.

Join us for a fast-paced update and we’ll catch you up on important recent cases about e-mail and telephone communications, collection letter issues, statute of limitation disclosures, and new rules for consumer-facing web portals maintained by a debt collector, to highlight just a few. We will also discuss enforcement of the CCPA, recent OCC and FDIC Madden rulemakings, the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the constitutionality of the CFPB and other regulatory developments.

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Dealing with Consumer Counterclaims in Collection Suits

August 27, 2020

1 Hour | 1 Credit

Consumer counterclaims present a frustrating dilemma and tough strategic choices for debt collectors. Essentially required to bring most collection actions in state small claims courts, debt collectors routinely find themselves defending counterclaims, including federal claims before elected judges and state court juries. This webinar will examine common threatened and filed state court counterclaims, strategies for handling counterclaims, practical differences between counterclaims and affirmative claims, procedural considerations and practical strategies to deal with consumer counterclaims.

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Does Your Data Support Your Story? How to use your Data to Defend Claims, Improve Liquidation and Ensure Compliance

October 15, 2020

1 Hour | 1 Credit

Your data and documentation policies and procedures are essential, but if you cannot prove that you follow them you are not getting the protections in which you have invested. Understanding the data you need, the use cases for analyzing your data and the most powerful ways you can present your data is critical. During this webinar, two of the most seasoned litigators and one of the most recognized compliance experts in the debt buying and debt collection industry will join forces to cover topics such as:

  • Using data to establish the Bona Fide Error defense
  • Developing data to defend a meaningful attorney involvement case
  • Using data to defeat class certification
  • Leveraging data during regulatory examinations
  • Mining deactivated and ported number data to defeat a TCPA claim
  • Using data analytics to tell your story

We will also identify the top five common mistakes debt purchasers and their agencies make with data retention, document retention and data analysis.

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