HUTCHINSON, KS – National Credit Adjusters’ company services are rooted in their core values of integrity, honesty, and transparency. With offices in Kansas, Arizona, and Jamaica, the organization actively works within its local communities to promote better health and happiness. In April, NCA worked closely with its Jamaica office to launch an incredible food drive dedicated to providing food for the West Haven Children’s Home.

Sophia Clough, a representative of NCA Jamaica, spearheaded the office’s involvement with West Haven and actively campaigned for the food drive. Along with the substantial amount of food purchased for West Haven, NCA donated 100 chicks to be part of the children’s meal plans. To round out this incredible donation, NCA reached out to QWater to donate bath soap, toothpaste, and sanitary products.

“This was an incredible effort from the Jamaica office. We are so proud of the work Sophia has done for West Haven and we are grateful for the incredible leadership we have at National Credit Adjusters’ Jamaica office for working with Sophia to raise funds. Starving children should never be a phrase we need to speak but the reality is we can all be doing more for the children of West Haven and we hope to continue to support them,” said Tyler Rempel, CEO of National Credit Adjusters.

NCA’s Continued Involvement

NCA’s mission is to bring integrity, professionalism, and the highest standards of compliance to debt servicing. This mission is underscored by the efforts of NCA’s Jamaica office. Each National Credit Adjusters office works tirelessly to improve lives in their local communities through various outreach programs, donations, and more. West Haven Children’s Home is a valued institution in Jamaica and the entire team is proud to serve in any way possible.

About West Haven Children’s Home

West Haven Children’s Home is an orphanage for handicapped children in Jamaica. It was started in 1986 by a group that saw the need for a residential facility to assist children with disabilities to reach their full potential. The first cottage opened December 17, 1991; two more were opened in 1993; and the fourth cottage was opened in 2003. There are currently four fully

operational cottages housing up to eighty children, ages three to twenty-seven years old, with a wide variety of abilities. This varies from children with mild Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and mental retardation to children with more profound handicaps. Full-time caregivers at West Haven provide all necessary care including physical therapy and education.

The ongoing operational costs of the home are supported, in part, by the Jamaican Ministry of Health. However, the largest daily support comes from continuing donations from local and overseas individuals and groups.

About National Credit Adjusters

Founded in 2002, National Credit Adjusters (NCA) is a private company dedicated to acquiring and managing delinquent consumer installment and online lending accounts. Through continuous research, automation, analytics, and process evaluation, NCA remains at the forefront of industry standards. Emphasizing strong performance and compliance, the company prioritizes ongoing employee development and quality training. Whether purchasing, servicing, or selling debt, NCA conducts all business with unwavering respect and fairness. For comprehensive information on their operations and to explore their commitment to ethical practices and industry leadership, visit