LOCKPORT, NY – When veterans and brothers Joseph Torriere and Jacob Torriere retired from the U.S. Armed Forces and entered the receivables management industry full-time, they knew they wanted to continue serving by helping other veterans in their families and communities. After researching multiple private nonprofit veteran organizations to get involved in, they were pleased to find several quality choices. Thus began monthly donations from Spire Recovery Solutions to a rotating assortment of organizations dedicated to supporting military and veteran families in many of the common challenges these families face during and after active military duty.

Semper Fi & America’s Fund

The first monthly donation of the year went to the Semper Fi & America’s Fund. “The fund cares for our nation’s critically wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, and military families. Supporting all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Fund provides one-on-one case management, connection, and lifetime support.”

Donations are applied to programs that ensure service members and military families have the resources they need during their recovery and throughout their transition back to their communities. Some of what they do include a Service Member & Family Support Program, a Transition Program, and an Integrative Wellness Program. Visit thefund.org to learn more about the program and read real stories about the heroes they serve.

Farmers Assisting Returning Military (FARM)

The second monthly donation went to a unique organization, ​F.A.R.M., which aims to “reestablish meaning in the lives of veterans through agricultural therapeutic rehabilitation and training. The program allows veterans reintegrating into society to once again become teachers, providers, nurturers and leaders while empowering them to lead the change in America’s distressed food system.” The program offers what they consider three core aspects veterans often miss about military life— purpose, regimen and camaraderie— to returning veterans as they integrate back into civilian life.

Founders James Jeffers and Steve Smith served in the Army together during various deployments to Iraq and beyond from 1999-2009 but struggled with health issues upon returning home. Their health began to improve as they grew fresh organic food for themselves and their families, discovering “dirt therapy” and the act of farming to be therapeutic and grounding. Learn more at farmingveterans.org.

Rescue 22 Foundation

In March, Spire contributed to the Veteran Service Dog Trust campaign at the Rescue 22 Foundation. “It is estimated that over 30% of returning GWOT veterans have Post Traumatic Stress and/or Traumatic Brain Injuries. Nearly 1,600 veterans have returned as amputees and there are still more additional medical complexities such as seizure disorders, heart euthymia, and early onset of Parkinson’s.” The VA does not provide funding for service dogs for PTS, TBI  or other non-mobility diagnoses at this time.

“The Veteran Service Dog Trust [VSDT] fulfills the foundation’s primary mission to provide the highest quality task-trained dogs on behalf of our nation’s veterans. The foundation provides psychiatric, mobility and medical service dogs to veterans at no charge and without geographic restrictions. Service dogs that meet the needs of veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress remain the organization’s most requested type of dog.” Learn more at rescue22foundation.org.

Find Out More

Through donations and spreading the word about these organizations and their missions, the Spire team is proud to be able to continue honoring and serving U.S. military veterans throughout the nation. For those interested in joining their efforts, this article as well as others on the Spire news blog provide information about a variety of options with different specialties that the team has selected to support over the years.

About Spire Recovery Solutions

Spire Recovery Solutions, LLC was founded by U.S. Veterans Joseph Torriere and Jacob Torriere. Spire is a professional, nationally licensed full-service debt collection agency that assists creditors in the recovery of outstanding balances while providing consumers with exceptional customer service. Spire Recovery Solutions uses customized processes and state-of-the-art technology to provide transparency and compliance that clients and consumers trust and rely on while working together toward account resolution.