Port Saint Lucie, FL – Starting in 2018, TransUnion has commissioned an industry survey and research report to identify trends in the debt collection industry each year. TransUnion has partnered with ReceivablesData.com, a newly formed team that has a deep understanding of the receivables management industry to conduct the survey in 2024. The ReceivablesData.com team includes industry experts Mark Naiman, Adam Parks and Bharath Ramachandra who have held executive and industry leadership positions working with banks, debt buyers, collection agencies, and technology companies focused on receivables management.

The survey for the 2024 Debt Collection Trends & Insights Report opened June 20th on ReceivablesData.com. Participation in the survey is anonymous and results will only be presented in an aggregate analysis.

Debt collection industry trends are hard to predict because of the lack of publicly available data. With little data available, the annual TransUnion report has become an essential navigational tool for businesses, with the previous years’ reports being frequently referenced across industry news and live event presentations throughout the year.

“When preparing for a podcast discussion about the 2023 survey, I dug deeper into the TransUnion report and was impressed with how the survey results could fuel accurate and thoughtful discussions about industry trends,” said ReceivablesData.com co-founder Adam Parks. “By collecting, analyzing and reporting aggregated industry data we can help to fuel informed discussions about the industry that help us learn from each other in a mutually beneficial environment.”

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“Industry participants have general discussions with colleagues, but are limited to their own experiences and lack visibility of trends occurring outside of their organization. Our goal in creating ReceivablesData.com and partnering with TransUnion to create this survey and report is to provide an opportunity for companies around the industry to learn from the experiences of others through an aggregated understanding of their peers,” remarked ReceivablesData.com co-founder Mark Naiman.

ReceivablesData.com is accepting survey submissions from June 20th to August 20th with the final report expected to be published at the end of 2024. Participate in the survey by visiting ReceivablesData.com. All participants will receive an early copy of the final analysis report.

About TransUnion 

TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible in global commerce. The organization does this through a Tru™ picture of each person: an actionable view of each consumer based on a robust set of online, offline, public, and proprietary information, stewarded with care. TransUnion’s status as a global insights company extends into the collections landscape with its first and third-party collections department. Their recovery teams help improve portfolio performance and recovery through a smarter debt recovery method powered by the Tru platform.

About ReceivablesData.com  

ReceivablesData.com is dedicated to the collection, analysis and reporting of data for the receivables management industry to fuel discussions and provide valuable insights into industry trends. The Receivables Data team includes industry leaders with over 20 years of historical knowledge and experience related to debt collection and debt buying.