In the wake of Hurricane Laura, the Governor of Louisiana has declared a State of Emergency. Subject to certain exceptions, as a general rule, telephone solicitations placed to residential telephone subscribers in the State of Louisiana are prohibited. Examples of exceptions to the general rule include telephone solicitations, as that term is defined, if made:

  • In response to a telephone subscriber’s request for a call
  • Primarily in connection with an existing debt or contract, payment or performance of which has not been completed at the time of such call

However, upon declaration of a State of Emergency by the Governor, even telephone solicitations that would normally be permitted are banned until the State of Emergency is lifted.

This ban is expected to be lifted as early as next week. Until such time that the State of Emergency is lifted, members should restrict calls into the State of Louisiana made in connection with the collection of a debt. Click here to review the State of Louisiana’s Do Not Call Order.

RMAI previously issued a Member Alert on September 1, 2020, recommending all members temporarily suspend collection calls and communications to consumers in the portions of the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and California directly affected by the Hurricane Laura and California wildfire emergencies.

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This alert is intended for members of the Receivables Management Association International and is for informational purposes only and is in no way intended to provide legal advice. Members are encouraged to consult with an attorney of their choice for legal advice concerning this matter.